Cradle to Cradle

Innovative economic principle in the Venlo region

Venlo is planning together with all parties in the region to show that a sustainable world really can become reality. That’s why Venlo has embraced the Cradle to Cradle principle as the first region in the world to do so.

Set a good example yourself and put Venlo on the map: stimulate innovation in the business world, bind young talents to the region. That is what Venlo wants to achieve based on the Cradle to Cradle principles: an innovative economic principle.

Various companies in the region, among them Jalema, Staco BV, AGMI, Noble Benelux, Van Houtum and AMI, have successfully invested in Cradle to Cradle products. What’s more, the C2C ExpoLAB and the C2C Product Innovation Institute are based in Venlo.

Venlo council is not thinking about the Cradle to Cradle principles only for its own municipal offices. The council wants others to also consider the vision and has anchored the principles in its policies. Whenever an organisation, for example, wants to (re-) build, the chance is greater that the council will judge the plan positively if it is based on the C2C notion. The Egerbos sports complex and the Zuidstroom primary school were built based on the same principles. And more will soon follow.

C2C also plays a role within education in Venlo. To inspire a next generation of innovators, the educational institutions in the Venlo region have defined common Cradle to Cradle ambitions.

These are merely a few examples of the initiatives that Venlo council has taken to have the region embrace C2C. And there are still a large number of projects that have been devised based on those principles. With those initiatives, the Venlo region has taken the first steps towards a C2C Valley and a really sustainable community.